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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is the difference between a bounce house, inflatable, moonwalk, bouncy thing, jumping castle, bouncer, and a fun jump?
 A: These are all terms used to describe the same thing! People call bouncers different things depending on which part of the country they came from.
 Q: How can I make a reservation?
 A: You can call us at (623)206-1616, you can Contact Us via our website, or you can e-mail one of our sales representatives at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .
 Q: How far in advance should we reserve our bouncer?
 A: Reserve AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! Our bounce houses rent out very quickly. However, if you are in a bind and need a rental on short notice, give us a call and we’ll do our absolute best to accommodate your event.
 Q: Is a deposit required?
 A: Yes. You are required to make a 20% deposit on all rentals over $500.00 to reserve your desired equipment. This deposit is non refundable if you cancel for any reason and do not reschedule with A Child’s Delight within 90 days of your original event date. Lessee needs to choose a new event date that is mutually agreed upon by lessee as well as A Child’s Delight, LLC. All attractions contracted on the original contracted date must be available and not previously promised to another client to secure a new date.
 Q: How can I pay?
 A: You can pay your deposit using a company check or money order. Your balance can be paid in cash, company check, or money order.  If you are a company, church, school, or other organization please Contact Us for information on other payment options. No personal checks will be accepted.
 Q: Do you charge for delivery?
 A: Delivery is free for all zip codes within 20 miles of the 85383 zip code. We deliver to the greater Phoenix area. Please Contact Us for deliveries outside the Phoenix area.
 Q: What is your rain and wind policy?
 A: If it is raining or too windy we will not set up a bouncer. In these cases we will reschedule your event. If weather conditions change after set up, no refunds or rain checks will be granted if weather affects your party. It is not safe to use inflatables in inclement weather or winds of 15mph or higher.
 Q: How much room is needed to set up the inflatables?
 A: In general there needs to be a 2-foot buffer around the entire unit. We refer to this as the (Safe Zone). You can find more information on our product’s pages. The customer is responsible to measure their area to insure the item rented will fit.
 Q: How much power is needed?
 A: Each unit requires a 110V (standard outlet) dedicated outlet is necessary for safety. Each outlet must be located within 100 feet of each unit. Generators can be rented upon request if either of these conditions cannot be met.   
 Q: Can I pick up the jumper and set it up myself?
 A: No, leave it to the professionals. Each unit needs to be safely secured using special staking procedures, properly weighted sandbags, or water barrels. Please be aware ACD stakes whenever possible to safely secure the inflatable. It is the customer’s responsibly to know where lines are and to notify ACD’s setup crew prior to setup.
 Q: What surfaces can bouncers be setup on?
 A: Bounce Houses can be set up on grass, some gravel, cement, or asphalt. Please indicate surface type with your reservation. We consider grass to be 80% coverage. Please call with any questions.
 Q: Can inflatables be setup inside?
 A: Yes. The area needs to be large and tall enough to accommodate each inflatable. Please Contact Us if you have any questions.
 Q: Is a Child’s Delight, LLC insured?
 A: Yes! A Child’s Delight is a fully insured Arizona L.L.C. We will provide a copy of our liability insurance policy upon request. For events on public property, additional insurance may be required. Please Contact Us for any reason on charges that may not apply. Municipalities, schools, churches, and other venues may contact us in advance to make the proper arrangements. The lessee or using party shall be in charge of operation after receiving each unit. A Child’s Delight, LLC is not responsible for any injuries occurring to lessee, or to any persons using the leased units, or equipment, or to any damage to personal property.
 Q: Are all bouncer companies insured?
 A: No, not every bounce company in Arizona is insured. Most are not because insurance is very expensive and these companies choose to cut corners for a larger profit margin. Companies that do not carry insurance leave the customer open for liability whether or not the liability was created by the customer. If these companies are willing to cut corners to leave the customer unprotected, it is a likely possibility that they may cut corners in other areas, such as, purchasing inflatables from companies that mass produce inflatables with inferior materials. Most companies that mass produce do so without safety inspections to keep the price low and profit margin high. Be cautious, do not use a company without insurance and do not allow them to convince you that your homeowner’s policy will cover you for all liabilities! A Child’s Delight, L.L.C. will not compromise the safety of a client or their children to cut corners!!
 Q: Are moonwalks and inflatable bouncers safe to use?
 A: Yes, our units are constructed for commercial use. We do not rent units that are sold in retail locations or discount centers made of nylon. Nor, do we purchase our bouncers from companies that do not carry manufacturer’s insurance. A Child’s Delight, L.L.C. wants to provide the safest equipment in the industry. We only purchase from companies that carry manufacturer’s insurance so that each unit is carefully inspected as it is being constructed. Our units are constructed from heavy duty vinyl materials, have safety ramps, and are equipped with emergency exits. You will be instructed on proper safety procedures upon delivery. There should be no problems if all safety rules are followed.
 Q: Do adults need to supervise the bouncers?
 A: Yes, An adult needs to supervise each bouncer to ensure each child plays safely at all times during the entire rental period.
 Q:  Are your inflatables clean?
 A: Yes! All of our units are cleaned and sanitized before and after every event. We also inspect each unit prior to use and maintain meticulous inspection records for all of our inflatables.
 Q: Do the inflatables get hot during the summer?
 A: Our bounce houses are equipped with roofs. However, it may become quite warm in the units during the hot summer months. You may want to consider renting one of our water slides, dunk tanks, frozen drink, or snow cone machines during the summer or utilize the bouncer in the morning or evening hours.
 Q: How many hours do we get the equipment for during each rental?
 A: Park and backyard rentals are for 5 hours. Additional hours may be purchased. Movie Screens are rented for 4 hours or the completion of the venue’s selected movie title.
 Q: Can A Child’s Delight, LLC provide an attendant to supervise the bouncer?
 A: Yes. Please ask for this service when you reserve your equipment. Please be aware there is an additional charge for this service. Certain restrictions may apply.
 Q: Is there a cleaning fee?
 A: No, not for nominal usage. However, if excessive cleaning is needed, a minimum fee of $50.00 will be assessed. Example: confetti, food, drink, and all other party favors found inside the bounce at the end of the rental period will be assessed.
 Q: Can we use silly string on or in the bouncers?
 A: NO!! Silly string causes irreparable damage to vinyl. A minimum of a $1000.00 fee, up to, the full replacement cost of the attraction will apply if the unit is stained with silly string. 
 Q: How much time prior to the event does A Child’s Delight set up?
 A: We generally set up 30 minutes to a few hours prior to the party’s start time. Your rental charge is for the bounce time only!
 Q: How much ice is needed for the snow cone machine?
 A: ½ a pound per serving. Example: For 100 servings you will need 50lbs of ice.
 Q: Does it need to be dark to operate the movie screen?
 A: Yes. The movie screens can optimally be seen in darkness. The brighter the area, the dimmer the picture will appear. Please contact us with any questions.
 Q: What if I have pets?
 A: All pets must be safely secured away from the bounce during the entire rental period, as many puppy chew toys are made of vinyl, as is the inflatable. Pets have sharp nails and may puncture or scratch the attraction. Please keep in mind, we love our furry friends, but our staff most likely will be working in your grass. Please clean up after your pet(s) prior to our arrival for setup.
 Q: When should I turn my sprinklers off?
 A: Please turn the sprinklers off the day prior to your event. If the sprinklers happen to come on a clean up fee will be assessed. Unless you are renting a wet slide, bouncers should not get wet or molding can occur.
 Q: Can slides be set up to slide into a pool of water?
 A: No. Inflatables cannot be set up next to water due to the possibility the unit moves or is blown into the water by wind causing occupants to become trapped or drowned.


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